OneShot Waste Disposal Inc. rental agreement 

 Terms & Conditions

 Pricing & Payments: 

  1. Customer agrees to pay the (base fee) for the container (stipulated in checkout) which includes up to the stipulated amount of materials as well as any overages incurred due to overloading or additional days requested by the Customer.Due to strict weight limitations and associated dump fees any additional materials will be billed at $ 80 per ton above the original stipulated weight. 2.  If the container is kept longer the booked amount of days there will be an additional fee of $5.00 a day. 
  2. Payment for all base fees as well as any known additional rental time will be due upon delivery of  the container. Any additional fees due to overweight or other fees not paid upon delivery are due within 14 days of container pick up. 
  3. Any unpaid balance after 14 days will start to accrue 15% interest from the date of container pick up until paid in full. There will be a minimum of a $25 late fee. 
  4. If paying by check and the check is returned for insufficient funds from the banking institution the Customer is responsible for any returned check fees/ NSF Fees. 

 Dumpster Use: 

  1. While refuse dumpsters are in your possession, you will NOT place or allow to be placed into the dumpster: 
  • propane tanks and cylindersammunition 
  • leftover paint, paint cans, paint thinner, stains, and varnish 
  • household cleaning products 
  • batteries 
  • fluorescent light bulbs 
  • tires, motor oil, gasoline, and antifreeze 
  • aerosol cans 
  • pesticides and fertilizers 
  • pharmaceuticals and biomedical waste
  • any chemicals or hazardous waste 
  • Fridges or Freezers with a compressor component still installed. 
  • Air Compressors of any kind. 

For a more detailed explanation of what is 

deemed hazardous see Ministry of the Environment regulation #347 for specific definitions of  Hazardous Material. 

  1. All refuse shall remain within the confines of the dumpster and shall not exceed the top or sides.  Every attempt shall be taken to equally disperse the weight of the refuse within the dumpster. 
  2. Customer shall be liable for any loss or damage to rented equipment in excess of reasonable wear  and tear. 
  3. No Bin provided by OneShot Waste Disposal Inc. Shall be moved or re positioned from it’s drop off location by anyone other than a representative from OneShot Waste Disposal Inc. 
  4. No mechanical means of crushing items in the container shall be used. This includes excavators,  waste disposal crushing services, or any other means which may damage the dumpster bin. 

 Access and Ground Conditions : 

  1. The Customer will be responsible for the provision of free and suitable access to and from the  delivery site (including the removal and reinstatement of local obstructions) and for ensuring suitable  ground conditions for delivery, placement and removal of the dumpster. No responsibility will be  accepted for the damage to any surface and you should therefore take steps to protect surfaces (e.g.  paving slabs, soft ground) before delivery. OneShot Waste Disposal Inc. will provide driveway  protection to ensure the bin does not come in contact with the driveway. However if the bin need to be  placed on any other surface the client is responsible for providing protection for said surfaces. 2. Should the container cause damage to concrete or asphalt during loading or unloading. OneShot  Waste Disposal Inc. is only responsible if this is due to our negligence. We have specifically identified  that heavy container may cause damage and that the placement of these heavy containers is the site  manager’s responsibility in determining a suitable placement to minimize the sites exposure to this type of damage 
  2. Should the Customer fail to return the container, OneShot Waste Disposal Inc maintains the right to  enter upon the premises where the container may be without notice and take possession of and remove  it at the Customer’s expense all without legal process, the Customer hereby waving any claims for  damages from any such entry or removal.